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Heritage Television Service was established in 1981 by Jon Garver.

Services offered are in-home and in-shop repairs on televisions, VCRs, home stereos, DVDs, citizen band radios, and many miscellaneous items.

Heritage Television Service is one of the few shops left in this area that will do in-home service. The total cost of repair is very competitive and is usually much less than my competitors. Coverage area is all of White county and parts of the surrounding counties.

I (Jon Garver) was licensed by the State of Indiana in 1976 as a TV-Radio Technician. I was educated in this field in a 2 year course at IVY TECH of Kokomo, IN.

I am classified as a one man shop, in other words, I do everything from the repairs to the bookkeeping. This means that Iím in and out of the shop a lot so it is best to call ahead (574-583-9681) before bringing in anything for repair.

ESTIMATES - A general (guesstimate) estimates are free, diagnostic estimates are not. Estimate fees apply to the "analysis" charge which is the minimum charge of a repair if estimate is approved.